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The performance of every glass pane can be enhanced with the installation of window films. Contact Chris Rice Window Repairs for supplying permanent and temporary window films based on the finish you want. We cater to homes and commercial buildings in Cardiff and South Wales.

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Window enhancement

If you want to add a touch of uniqueness to your glass panes and windows, window enhancement is a good option. This is a process where we install a specific type of glass to the existing windows, based on specific requirements. Whether you want to filter the input of light to your home or need more privacy for your interiors, we always recommend window enhancement.

In this process, the glass can be sand blasted, frosted, bevel, leaded, stained or Georgian style. We can also create bespoke designs based on your requirements. Give us a call to discuss your options.

Benefits of window enhancement:

1. Comfortable interiors: These can drastically reduce the entry of sun
2. Enhanced protection: Prevents your interior decor from fading, cracking and peeling with limited passage of the sun’s rays and heat
3. Improved security: Tinted glass can provide more privacy and security to your interiors, be it home, office or school
4. Impactful designs: Compared to the price, these decorative window glasses can give your property an enhanced and unique look
5. Easy installation and cleaning: These printed glasses have a smooth surface with absolutely no lip. This makes both installation and cleaning an easy process.

Amy FM
Amy FM
Fantasic and professional job! I reached out to a few places for quotes for getting a cat flap fitted into a glass door. Chris and team were the only ones who offered to come out for a look in person, and the most competitive on price. Job was booked in, they were on time, and it was done quickly and cleanly. Highly recommended.
Caroline Price
Caroline Price
Very happy. They came out on a Saturday morning, an hour after I phoned, to repair a broken hinge on a window that wouldn't closed. Fixed straight away.
Sophie Cloake
Sophie Cloake
Chris installed patio doors during the summer. Chris was very prompt and professional. Chris organised everything - skip, builder, general labourers. Despite the fact I live in a terraced house not one person complained about having to carry rubble etc through the entire house - also nothing was damaged during this constant back and forth too! I was previously quoted around £5k for the work to be carried out and Chris halved that - it pays to stick with a local company! I only had one very minor issue during the entire process which Chris fixed the following day - he also did not take any payment until I was happy with the job and there was no pressure from him to pay until the job was complete and I was satisified. Thank you very much Chris! You've transformed my kitchen into a much more open/ welcoming space! :)
Chris and the team were responsible, could fit us in within a reasonable period of time and were good value. We were having a number of window panes replaced as they were blown. Chris listened to us with our required specifications for the new windows, he did give us cheaper alternatives if we wanted to save money. Chris and the team are really no nonsense and went above and beyond in a couple of aspects (like installing some additional screws into a window which frame had some flex). I will be using him again to replace the remaining windows when the time comes.
Eva Nasi
Eva Nasi
One thing was certain; unlike most builders I know this guy and his buddy showd up on time or even ahead of appointment and got on with their job. Got our window repaired in 20 mins. The few points in my experience that I didn’t like was 1) the silicone he used to seal the window has got a very strong smell; has been 2 days with the windows fully open and when I close the window in the night the smell is pungent. This is rather upsetting as it’s the nursery window and my 2 year old sleeps in this room. Last night he came in my room as he couldn’t find ease in his room due to the smell. Let’s see how tonight will go 2) don’t know if he realised it or not but whilst fixing the window he chipped the edge of the wall which now needs filler and paint touch up 3) I never say no to anyone needing to use a toilet in my house; we’re all humans, just don’t make a mess on my toilet seat and don’t drop bottles of my shelves in the toilet and expect me to clean up and take the bottle out of the sink. Not the right thing to do. In a nut shell; good job done on time but very clumsy pair of builders who need to reconsider their building materials used indoors to more non smell, non toxic eco friendly ones
Kim Jackson
Kim Jackson
I found real gems with Chris, Anthony, Ronnie & Tom a great bunch of guys very professional honest, hard working, exceptional quality of workmanship at a real good price, they repaired all my windows no more draughts and fitted all new handles, replaced misty windows, replaced my front & french doors also replaced all my guttering & down pipes and cladded my fasia boards to a very high standard I would definitely recommend all of them.
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